Spring 2017 - Major refurbishment to our gym!
Works starting 14th August 2017...

Following some improvement work, the club fitness room is back open for business for members to use.  The room is equipped with following;
  • Lifefitness 9500 Treadmill
  • Lifefitness Cycle Trainer
  • Lifefitness Cross Trainer
  • Concept 2 Rower
  • Kettlebells
  • Fitball
Further work is planned to extend the room and add more equipment over the next 12-18 months.

Members should be aware of the rules of using the fitness room which are as follows;


1. Members only are permitted to use this room. Associate members use is only permitted weekdays 0800-1600.

2. Under 14’s are not allowed in the fitness room unless supervised by an adult.

3. By using this equipment you are doing so at your own risk and thereby deeming yourself competent to use it and totally responsible for your own actions. If you feel that you need an induction then it is your responsibility to ask and it will be provided.

4. Wipe down the equipment and floor where appropriate after you use it with anti-bac spray and paper towels or mop and cleaner and leave the room tidy.

5. If any of the equipment becomes faulty please report this to fairoaksquash@gmail.com or by text to Natalie Morant (Number displayed in the Fitness Room) 

6. Keep the Fire Exit door closed at all times.

7. Do not play music at loud volumes as this can cause annoyance to other members and neighbours.

8. Switch of any equipment and lights when leaving.