Racketball has become increasingly popular at the club and we are now in a position to have a stand alone event rather than pairing up with the Annual Squash Tournament.

I would like to see all our racketball players having the opportunity to compete in this event and therefore it will be a graded one with 3 grades:

Grade A - Players such as Dave Moore and Dave Brierly
Grade B
- Players such as Chris Ash and Nigel Lush
Grade C
- Players such as Ken Richards and Richard Willis

All racketball players taking part will have the choice of which grade they would like to compete in, it is your choice.

The Finals Night has already been arranged for Saturday 12th November 2011 where 3 finals will take place on the glass back and it is hoped to combine this with an American Supper social evening.

The Event

A lot will depend on how many players wish to take part. In order to make this as enjoyable and competitive as possible a league format is proposed whereby all players play each other in their grade. I would estimate that each league would have no more than 6 players so you can expect to have 5 competitive matches to be played within a 6 week period.

The top scoring two players in each league will become the finalists in their grade. In the case of a grade that has to have two or more leagues then the winners of each league will become the finalists or semi finalists if that many players take part, whatever happens we will have 3 Finals to watch on Saturday 12th November.

The matches will start week commencing 26th September and need to conclude by Tuesday 8th November. Players will be expected to arrange their own matches and record the results on the RacketBall Notice Board. Details of scoring etc will be explained once the tournament is ready to start.

This is an opportunity for not just our regular racketball players to take part but also our squash players too and is open to all members.

Would all players wishing to take part either e-mail stewartchandler@aol.com, phone me or enter your details on the entry form on the racketball notice board stating which grade you wish to compete in.

Closing date for entries is Sunday 25th September 2011

Thank you

Stewart Chandler