Newsletter Spring 2016
Welcome to our latest Spring newsletter. A collection of items that will hopefully inform our members about current issues and bring you up to date on all sorts of things. If you want anything included, let us know!

Membership News
Just over half way into our financial or membership year our levels are quite healthy and actually giving us little concern. The recent marketing initiatives with banners and flyers has resulted in quite a few new enquiries and long may that continue. We currently stand at 111 adults, 39 Juniors, 8 associates and 5 life members taking us to 163 in total. By the end of the year we should equal or exceed last years membership numbers.  Remember if you know of any potential new members just invite them down for a game or we can arrange a free taster session for them to give little or big ball a go.

Postponed Until Autumn 2016 due to insufficient teams being available on 27.5
Our Annual Quiz Night is back!
Friday 27th May at 7.30pm in the bar is the time and place. Teams of 2-5 can enter this event and be sure of a great night out. Buffet provided and raffle for some goodies as well. Cheap bar of course, so bring along friends and family and see if you are clever as you think you are! Well it doesn't matter who wins actually so long as we all have a good laugh. To enter put your name on the board at the club.

Club Improvements
Work is still ongoing behind the scenes to progress our plans to improve the club. We haven't given up after the Lottery bid knockback and we won't give up until we are in a position to carry out some long overdue improvements to various areas including the ladies changing rooms, front entrance, gym, kitchen and the heating. We are looking at alternative avenues of funding.

Bright Lights!!
You may have noticed the nice new LED lights fitted to all 3 courts plus new spots in the bar? No? Get to Specsavers! A bit of a shock at first but once you have adjusted to the new type of illumination most people agree they wouldn't want to go back to the old orangey tubes! More to the point these lights will save us quite a bit of dosh over the next 5 to 10 years, so well worth the investment from us and of course Eastleigh Council for their kind contribution to the purchase and fitting cost.

Thankfully Mr Stinky Drain in our car park has finally been sorted after many recent call outs for Southern Water, so hopefully now we will not have to endure those less than pleasant aroma's around the place which seemed to be a regular happening over the past few years.

We have a plan to be sorting a number of other items to get our club smartened up. It all takes time unfortunately but slowly but surely progress is made.

Paul Hunter is now looking after the maintenance for the club and will be tinkering with various things around the club to keep it all tip top. If you spot anything not working or defunct like, just let Paul or the club know. There is a maintenance book by the booking consul for recording anything that needs fixing.

Social Scene
In addition to our Quiz, we are very keen to hold a few more events to get members together. Any ideas?

On Saturday 23rd July FOS&RC are hosting a Hampshire Racketball Social Doubles and Curry Night where any player can turn and be paired off with another player and play in a mini round robin.  This will be advertised nearer the time if any Fair Oak big ballers are interested.

Paul Finch presents the prizes at the Egg Hunt!

Easter Egg Hunt - If you didn't know we hosted an excellent egg hunt around Fair Oak over the last Easter weekend where around 60 adults and kids got involved. The egg trail took participants all around the village looking for eggs whilst answering quiz questions as well. One of the stops provided a free coffee and cake at the local tea shop.  Thanks to lots of local businesses who offered up prizes and our new member Vince Carr did us proud by cooking up some very nice crepes to hungry hunters. Well done to organiser Paul Finch and his helpers Natalie and Gary Morant, Jo and David Dunford, Mel Finch, Matt Merriman and Vince Carr for their help.

New Member Nights
April saw the first of our new members nights where we invited anyone who has joined in the last 6 months to come along and join in with a mix in of squash and racketball. It was a great success with a newbies getting on court for a hit and a social afterwards. This has proved to be a good ice breaker to get to know other new members. Our organiser Natalie is planning our next night and we plan to have one every three months.

Bar News
Our bar has been busy over the past few months with events, matches including our first team games which have been very well attended. Most nights in the week it is open earning our club important additional income. If you don't use it then why not?  Beers are very well priced with most drinks being a £1 less that what you pay at our locals pubs.  If you want to be trained up to open the bar then let us know.   From May we will be trialling a special summer priced Lynx Lager at £1.80 for 500ml which is enough to quench any thirst and save money for even the tightest purse (Mr J Merriman!)

'Try it with the other hand'
When Simon Daykene suffered some nasty injuries to his shoulder and ribs following a late night cycle accident resulting in the loss of his right shoulder for racket use, many didn't expect the curly haired veteran back on court any time soon. However we were not to be fooled by that. So determined that he was to get hitting a ball again, he started from scratch and taught himself to play left handed! Many lonely hours on court practicing and he can now play a half decent game of big ball, well good enough to beat our ex-chairman Colin anyway! Simon has been quoted to say 'it certainly feels odd. just like someone else is doing it'. Where most would no doubt have given up, this cheeky chappy has shown what can be achieved by sheer grit and determination. Well done old boy, welcome back.
PS- Simon would like it put on record that his cycle crash had nothing to do with the beer he enjoyed at the Ship pub just before caning it down Whites Hill in the pitch black! ..OK mate, whatever you say!

Table Tennis League
Our nice new table tennis table has had some good use since we installed it in the bar. A number of members have put there name down for a social TT league which will be starting soon, so if there any more takers please let us know by email  or add you name to the list on the notice board.

Scissors Amnesty
It is a real mystery and one we think is certainly worth calling in DCI Barnaby to solve. We have now lost 6 pairs of scissors from the bar. Well the word 'lost' is used in the loosest sense of course. How these little blighters manage to find their way into peoples bags and pockets is an absolute puzzle, but walkies they have gone.  If you know where they have ended up please try to convince them to come back to us as they are most useful for all sorts of bar related activities. And while on this subject would anyone know where our 3 nice San Miguel glasses from the bar have wandered off to? Thank you so much! These cost us all money to replace.

Numbers Conundrum?
Four players play racketball for three sessions on 2 courts (two concurrent and one following) where one members has booked all 3 courts. The other 3 players dab their key once to activate the lights on each court which credits half the cost of the court back to the person who booked the courts. Who owes what to who afterwards in the bar to make things quits? Any idea? if so please let our Treasurer know as every time he forgets the answer to this little poser.

Did You Know?
That Prince Philip played squash whilst his wife (our Queen) was in labour for 30 hours giving birth to baby Charles?  Apparently he got so nervous waiting around he had to go and do some thrashing about to calm himself down.  What a good excuse that was! No jokes about the size of Charles ears causing a problem please, but how very nice of young Liz to allow her bloke to go off and enjoy some small ball at such a stressful time.
Partners of FOS&RC members - please note above!

Baby Picture Mystery?

Here we have a computer generated picture taken at the London Science Museum taken of one of our members which converted the image into what it thinks you would have looked like as a young child. Apart from looking like something from a 80's horror movie, who do you think this is? The fact the software decided to leave his beard on may provide a clue! It is actually quite a good likeness. Spooky or what?

Next newsletter - Summer 2016
Editor - DM.

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Squash Team News

Final Premiership game of the season - Fair Oak 1 v Winchester 1. Packed gallery upstairs and down. Kyle Finch battling with the on-form Rob Downer (1st string)

Our 1st team have had a tough season and despite some fantastically entertaining squash from all players, have finished in a relegation position. Whilst we will be exploring options of staying in the Premiership, the Championship division is still a very competitive league and will continue to provide very high level squash for our club. 

The 2nd team have again had a fantastic season achieving back to back promotions by finishing in a comfortable 2nd position and gaining a place in Division 1. Having been strengthened by the welcome return of Gavin Collins to the club, the team eventually won 13 of their 16 matches. 

Also another successful season for the 3rd team who finished in a very respectable 3rd place narrowly missing out on promotion. This season again saw a number of our ever improving juniors representing the senior teams with Ben Vincent, Aaron Morant, Soren Chakribarti and Brooke Williams. Aaron represented teams 2, 3 and 4 and will I’m sure be adding a ‘1’to that in the not too distant future. 

Our newly resurrected 4th team finished just below mid table in what looked to be a tough league which included David Lloyd Southampton team 1 (eventual winners). This is therefore a good result with a mix a players having represented the team including the welcome return of Mark Ross following a lengthy injury. 

Last year saw all of our Vets teams being promoted into higher divisions so we knew this season would be tough. Added to this were unfortunate injuries of some of our key players including Simon Dakeyne and Bob Broadbridge. Our 1st and 2nd teams however did manage to retain positions in their respective leagues although our 3rds despite a late surge winning 2 of their last 4 matches finished 2nd from bottom and are therefore relegated. This is reflective of the Vets leagues becoming ever more competitive as more players ‘come of age’ and challenge the more established veterans. 

Overall, Fair Oak have again done themselves proud and despite being one of the few traditional squash clubs left, continue to have a formidable presence in the Hampshire leagues. This is fantastic and a huge thanks goes to all the players who have represented the teams this year. Also our team captains, Matt, Tom, Chris, Mike, Nige and Danny/James – thank-you all; your efforts and great team management are so very much appreciated. Extra thanks also to our club sponsor Nigel Lush (R&N Carpenters & Joiners Ltd) who has again provided much needed funding to help promote the level of squash which Fair Oak have enjoyed. Dave Brierley (Club Captain)

Racketball Team News
The winter racketball season has just concluded with our two teams coming first and second in Hampshire Division Two.  Natalie's 'Funsters' just pipped Dilip's 'Racketeers' at the final fence by 5 points.  Good stuff from both sides who have both entered in the summer racketball league together with Nigel Lush's 'Squashers'. Lets hope for some excellent results, although Racketball is more about the fun of playing than winning, we still like to take some silverware, if there was any of course.

Club Competitions
Our Club Championships are back on again so get involved if you can. As well as deciding the club champion, we will also discover who will be our over 35s and veteran champions. This year the event will be wide open as defending champion, Kyle Finch, will not be entering! Even if you are not playing, consider keeping Friday 20th May free for "finals' night" - a celebration of the best squash at the club. 

The club championships will have finished by the AGM (June the 6th). At that time our tournaments organiser, Andrew Codrai, will step down after 5 years of running events. His swan-song will be the Squash Doubles tournament which will be run – also in May - on a single day (date to be finalised). In keeping with previous years, the emphasis will again be on fun, with many competitors staying on at the club for food and beer after! Watch out for notices at the club soon.

Editors note - Thank you Andy for your hard work in making our tournaments so very enjoyable and successful. A hard act to follow!

Kyle Moves to the Next Level!
Fair Oak's Kyle Finch has been invited to join the England Academy Squad in September 2016. This means he will become not only a professional player, training full time, but playing and training with many of England's top squash players - many of which are ranked in the top 100 in the world. He will also be coached by two of the best elite squash coaches in the UK. This is reward for years of hard work. Kyle has climbed over 220 places in the last 18 months in the world rankings, now is ranked 231, as well as current British U17 Champion, his immediate target will be to break into the top 200 in the world before the end of the year.  We are proud to have Kyle as one our home grown talents who will be a role model for our juniors to aspire to. Although he will be based in Manchester for the next year you will be sure to see him at the club when he comes back home for weekends.  We wish him the best of luck in this important step in his professional squash career.

Junior Section News
Junior Club Championships - Will be held Sat 7th May - 9am to 2pm, and Sunday 8th May - 11am to 4pm. All welcome to come along and watch - should be great fun! 

Congratulations to - Aaron Morant - who finished top points scorer in Hants Junior Squash leagues.
Alex Broadbridge - for representing Hampshire in the U11 National team Championships, Under 11 South region tournament and runner up at the recent Birmingham Open.  Brooke Williams - winner of Girls Under 17 Winchester Open. Kyle Finch - for representing England U19 in the European Team Championships (which England won!), and runner up in the English National Championships. 

Hampshire Junior Leagues
Congratulations to our First team - of Aaron Morant (overall points winner), Soren Chakrabarti, and Brooke Williams - who finished runners up in the top Division. Fantastic achievement.  Also well done to all our other players who played in the leagues - Alex Broadbridge, Alex Ross, Aiden Botting, Will Dunford, Anuj Gupta, Sam Batty, Sam Lawrie, Mowgli Mehrkar-McCubbin. Hopefully more junior players will represent Fair Oak next season. 

Some of our younger players have also been in action for our senior teams in the Hampshire Leagues - Aaron Morant, Kyle Finch, Ben Vincent, and Brooke Williams. We believe this is an essential development opportunity for our stronger juniors and will be offered to any future junior when the time is right. 

Saturday Morning Coaching
This has been a great success this year.  The section continues to grow every month in the main just by word of mouth and some of the promotion that we have done in schools. For only £3 (or £4 - top group) - this activity represents excellent value for money. Please spread the word further wherever you can.

9am to 10 am = mini squash, and mini games (throwing, catching, hitting, running, et al). A real hoot, and great fun. (Age 5 to 11)   10am to 11am = Developing squash players - for ANY juniors who can reasonably well hit a squash ball, who want to start playing full squash games (ages from 7 to 16) 11.10am to 12.40 = Elite Squash Group - for committed Juniors who take their squash a little more seriously - mostly for County players or League 1 and 2 players. Invitation only. 

Family Club Night With 2 very successful family club nights in December and January - with many juniors and parents turning up, playing together (and table tennis too!) - the February and March numbers were disappointing - so we decided to cancel the April Club night. We'd love to put on more club nights - but we need members and guest to support this! If you'd like to play in the May Family Club night - please let Paul or Natalie know.

Member Focus
This month we are featuring one of our well established members known to many of us, but how well do you know our very own Nigel 'Lushy' Lush?  The man with the most unreadable drop shot and the lowest racketball serve known to man. He reveals himself here.
Name – Nigel Lush - Age 52
Went to which school? Wildern
Lives in?  - Hedge End 'Born and Bred' Hedge End boy.
Job? – Managing Director R&N Carpentry (Club Sponsor)
Fave hobbies? - Squash, Footie and drinking also quite like eating as you can probably tell!  Nah can't tell!
Loves which food best? - Steak or Lamb definitely Pink not over cooked.
Best films ever? - Mary Poppins and Brokeback Mountain, Oh and I love Annie as well! 
Fave music?  - Any not really been a massive music fan 80s music I guess.
Best childhood memory?  - New Puch racing Bike at 15 I brought myself.
When joined FOS&RC?  - Joined at 28 I think so 24 yrs
Something about you people may not know? - Winchester league under 18 snooker Champion and highest break! 
What pleases you most? - Super Saints winning!
What annoys you most? - Mainly people who faff about and being Late.  Does he mean you Danny Q? 
What scares you? - Nothing too much, Plumbing it always leaks.
What do like most about FOS&RC? - Great crowd good atmosphere and cheap beer.
What are you most proud of? - Family our kids turned out just lovely.
If you won a wedge on the lotto what would you be buying? - Cars and Holidays. .. Really Nigel?
*OK so we made up his films as he couldn't name any! 

Top Tip
Attack, attack, attack

One tip I always try to keep in mind when I take the lead and don't want to let the opponent back in the game is to do the opposite of the England football team. It always seems they go one goal up and then try to defend that lead rather than going for the second goal. Always go for that second goal.  Nick Matthew. Ex World No1

Club AGM is Monday June 6th! Get it in your diary!
'This year will be a right jolly occasion'  Simon Cowell