Paul Finch

Paul Finch

Junior Organiser - 2015/2016

Your vote is important for Fair Oak. I appeal to you to read both Shane’s and my Junior Development Plan, make a decision as to who you feel will best improve standards for juniors at our club, and exercise your right to vote. Please use your vote wisely, in the best interests of the club.

Being on the committee for the past 5 years, I have become aware of numerous junior issues arising – mostly from parents of juniors – which I would like to address, and to begin to raise standards, and grow numbers.


Saturday Mornings

To address many of the issues I, along with my team, will deliver the following changes

·    New structure – On court coaching; Rotation of groups and activities, Access to expert coaches, Invite outside top coaches, Club team players to help as ‘hitting partners’, Use of ESR new models (5 Pillars, Skill games, conditioned games, KoC) (ie rarely use ‘3/4' court), Much greater variety of on court activities, (Bring in higher level coaching points – 3 types of drop shots, movement/speed/ fitness/strength, 11 types of cross court drives, body and racket ‘deception’, control opponents movement, ‘cut’, solo routines, 6 playing styles, 'soft hands' . . .), Varied and fun warm ups.

·    Finance – Myself and my coaching team will not take payment for Saturday mornings. We would use finances to pay for - elite coaches to coach our juniors, Semi-pro players to help on Sat mornings; new equipment, Rewards and awards for juniors; Coaches CPD.

·    Coaching team – Myself – elite level 3 coach (over 30 years’ experience, including coaching classes of 30 Y3 children, up to coaching many National Champions, and England players). Others include – 1st team players, a lady player, and others.  Now both my children have grown up, I will personally attend at least 75%  Saturday morning sessions.

·    Extend one Saturday morning session per month, to enable juniors time to play some of their internal ‘junior box’ matches.

Other Times

Not all juniors can attend on Saturday mornings – I would hold an ‘alternative’ (after school) junior section

·  Continue with ‘school holiday’ squad sessions 

·  Have ‘elite’ sessions for juniors who need more court time, who are ambitious to achieve County level or above. 

·  Link to other club activities (adult teams; social events) 

·  Continue to support the Family Club Night

Other points

·  Provide regular school holiday court time, at discounted rates (courts are often unused – to minimise impact on other members)

. Introduce a ‘mentoring system’

· Links between adult teams and junior players

· Continue to work with local primary schools

· Use the notice board to communicate junior successes, and . .

· Encourage and support, more juniors to attend local tournaments (County championships, Grand Prix’s; ESR (neighbouring counties) Bronze (+) tournaments

· If desired – hold a Fair Oak Bronze junior tournament

· If desired – hold parent workshops (pathways to higher levels; nutrition, S&C, Mobility; the Mental game etc)

· Introduce occasional ‘girls only’ sessions

· Introduce juniors to ‘racketball’

· Introduce a ‘rewards / awards’ system

· Have ‘bring a friend’ day, and / or taster days

· Retain current practice –Hampshire league junior teams; 2/3 internal tournaments

The areas covered above are intended to help motivate our juniors; improve standards (so help retain more players, and to achieve the ambition the player and parents have) and grow our number of juniors again.

With 27 years teaching experience of leading teams, and building relationships with children, as well as over 30 years coaching squash, I believe I have a vast array of ideas and can deliver higher standards.  People who know me, know I am passionate about squash, and developing children.

I’ve not only delivered squash taster sessions to primary school classes, but with my son Kyle, I have presented school assemblies locally. I have coached squads of 18 juniors (including many national players and national champions), with a network of England coaches. This is as well as being the current Hampshire Girls (all age groups) coach, and previously as the County U11 coach.

Over the past 5 years I have attended the vast majority of club committee meetings. As junior co-ordinator, I will continue attending nearly all committee meetings, representing the juniors/parents, and providing a ‘voice’ for juniors/parents, and reporting back.

Although, my son has been invited to play for many other premier teams around Hampshire, we have remained loyal to Fair Oak. I'm committed to Fair Oak, and hope to serve the juniors for many years.

For years I’ve organised successful events – both for our club, and for county events (Grand Prix’s; Girls and Under 11 festivals; social events; team events, as well as organising and presenting teaching  INSET days for 100+ teachers.

Squash (and racketball) is a wonderful game to help young people to exercise, and improve social skills, develop ABC skills, fitness levels.

My team and I will endeavour to make our junior section more connected to other areas of our club – mens team, social activities (PSL events; club vs club challenges; enter club tournaments; racketball, teams). We will value ALL juniors, and regularly celebrate successes of ALL juniors – not just those attending Saturday mornings.

Introduce ‘community taster days’, or fun days, taking squash to our local schools, will help Fair Oak S&R club improve links with the community, advertise our club, and help grow our falling numbers (from 89 juniors in 2008/09 to 43 currently now).

I have a committed, enthusiastic and expert coaching and ‘adult helpers’ team, which I hope will expand. We will bring new ideas and energy to the junior section, and value ALL juniors.

My team will develop our juniors which will make our club proud.

Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions. I will be at the club, during evenings, or please e-mail me on