Our Saturday morning coaching starts at 9am for younger 'mini squashers' aged 4 up to 10 years old, split into 2 groups - Group A focus on 'co-ordination' skills (Agiltiy, Balance, Co-ordination - with some hitting). Group B focus more on developing 'hitting' skills in preparation to play 'mini games'.

Our second group is for our 'beginner players' mostly aged 7 to 12 - for children who are reasonably well co-ordinated, and can hit a ball. The focus is on 'developing hitting skills'.

Group 3 is for Intermediate players - mostly aged 11 to 18 years old - the focus is on developing the skills to play full and proper games of squash to a more advanced level.

Our top group is for our advanced juniors (players who are more committed, and play in various tournaments), and elite (players who are County standard or above) players. The focus for this group is understanding the finer points for playing squash at a high level.

The cost of each session is £4 per hour. Wonderful value!

If you want to get your child started at squash - either write to Paul Finch at paullfinch@hotmail.co.uk or turn up Saturday morning for a FREE TASTER SESSION.

We provide coaching every week school is open. We do not have Saturday morning coaching during school holidays.

The structure of each Saturday coaching session is Warm Up, Technical and / or tactical development, Games. Each month we have a 'theme' - this theme ranges from 'England Squash' 5 (or 8) Pillars, to specific racket skills, to tactical play, to 'movement' to 'mental side of the game' etc.