Club Championship

Racketball had really taken its hold on Fair Oak Squash Club by 2011, and all were ready for a championship. A long-time member of the club, Steve Hayball, was an “earlier adopter” and great enthusiast for the sport. Sadly he passed away that year and it was agreed the new Racketball Club Championship would be named after him. Run as a graded league, the 2 players at the top of each grade are invited to compete in the final.


The Steve Hayball Challenge

Fair Oak Racketball Club Championship


Hall of Fame


2015-16    Grade A:    Matt Merriman    bt.    Dave Moore

                Grade B:    Russell Baker      bt.    Chris Ash

                Grade C:    Natalie Morant    bt.    Tim Dickins

                Grade D:    John Cole           bt.    Colin Codrai

2014-15    Grade A:    Matt Merriman    bt.    Dave Brierley

                Grade B:    Nigel Lush          bt.    Bob Broadbridge

                Grade C:    Gordon Scott      bt.    Steve Hobley

                Grade D:    Jeff Burnham      bt.    John Spencer


2013-14    Grade A:    Matt Merriman    bt.     Paul Bright

                Grade B:    Andrew Codrai    bt.     Chris Ash

                Grade C:    Aaron Morant      bt.     Mike Foster


2012-13    Grade A:

                Grade B:    Andrew Codrai

                Grade C:


2011-12    Grade A:    Dave Brierley      bt.    Dave Moore

                Grade B:    Andrew Codrai    bt.     Nigel Lush

                Grade C:    Gordon Scott       bt.    Natalie Morant



All time greats


3    Matt Merriman (2013-14 to 2015-16)

1    Dave Brierley (2011-12)