Friday 13th September 2013


First on where the 4 Plate semi-finalists:


SF1 Stewart Chandler bt. Steve Hume 25-23

SF2 Nigel Lush bt. Aaron Morant 25-19


First on where the 4 Cup semi-finalists:


SF1 Dave Brierley bt. Andrew Codrai 25-22

SF2 Paul Finch bt. Danny Quigley 25-14


Nigel Lush went on to beat Stewart Chandler 25-11 to win the President’s Cup Plate 2012/13.


And Dave Brierley went on to beat Paul Finch 25-23 to win the President’s Cup 2012/13.



Wednesday 11th September 2013


3 close matches played tonight…


Dave Brierley bt. Chris Ash 25-22

Andrew Codrai bt. Gordon Scott 25-22

Danny Quigley bt. Ady James 25-14


All semi-final and final matches are this Friday:


2012/13 President’s Cup Plate


6:45pm Crt 2: SF1 Stewart Chandler (-9) vs. Steve Hume (+8)

6:45pm Crt 3: SF2 Aaron Morant (+5) vs. Nigel Lush (-6)

7:45pm Crt 3: Final



2012/13 President’s Cup


7:15pm Crt 2: SF1 Dave Brierley (-12) vs. Andrew Codrai (+11)

7:15pm Crt 3: SF2 Danny Quigley (-2) vs. Paul Finch (+2)

8:15pm Crt 3: Final



Please come along and give these fine athletes your support!



Sunday 8th September 2013


President’s Cup Plate Round 1:


The postponed 1st round plate game between Nigel Lush and Colin Codrai:


1.     Nigel Lush bt. Colin Codrai (25-23)



Friday 6th September 2013


President’s Cup Quarter Final:


In a preponed quarter final game:


1.     Paul Finch bt. John Spencer (25-22)


Paul will play the winner of Danny Quigley and Ady James on Wednesday.


President’s Cup Plate Round 1:


2 matches played tonight, with the 3rd postponed until Sunday:


1.     Steve Hume bt. Dilip Chakrabarti (25-17)

2.     Aaron Morant bt. Mike Foster (25-10)

3.     Nigel Lush vs. Colin Codrai (postponed)



Thursday 5th September 2013


President’s Cup Round 1:


In a postponed first round game:


1.     Chris Ash bt. Stewart Chandler (25-13)


Joanna Codrai has withdrawn, so Stewarts next game will be next Friday.



Tuesday 3rd September 2013


President’s Cup Round 1:


Some great matches night, and thanks to all those who marked games too. The results were as follows:


1.     Dave Brierley bt. Nigel Lush (25-23)

2.     Stewart Chandler vs. Chris Ash (postponed until Thursday)

3.     Andrew Codrai bt. Dilip Chakrabarti (25-19)

4.     Gordon Scott bt. Joanna Codrai (25-14)

5.     Danny Quigley bt. Steve Hume (25-21)

6.     Ady James bt. Mike Foster (25-17)

7.     Paul Finch bt. Aaron Morant (25-17)

8.     John Spencer bt. Colin Codrai (25-20)


First round Plate games scheduled for Friday.