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Aercon Cup

40 years ago the club building was very different. Over the years courts and changing rooms have been added. Another early addition was ducting for the heating system. It was donated by Dennis Maxey, working for Aercon Engineering. And in appreciation, one of the club’s earliest squash tournaments was named after the company and has been in the club’s calendar for December ever since.
The Aercon cup is a handicapped squash tournament. Each match is a single game to 25 points with American scoring (Point-A-Rally) used. Each player is allocated a handicap…and therefore has an equal chance of winning. Full rules can be found here.
The draw for this season’s tournament, held in February, can be found here.

Hall of Fame

2015-16    Matt Merriman
2014-15    Aiden Botting
2013-14    Kyle Finch
2012-13    Kyle Finch
2011-12    Kyle Finch

2010-11    --

2009-10    Bradley Pletts

2008-09    --

2007-08    --

2006-07    Damon Chase

2005-06    --

2004-05    --

2003-04    Ali Mehrkar

2002-03    Dan Nelson

2001-02    Shapour Mehrkar-Asl

2000-01    Shapour Mehrkar-Asl

1999-00    John Pitts

1998-99    Brian Ward

1997-98    Shapour Mehrkar-Asl

1996-97    John Merriman

1995-96    Kelly Buckley

1994-95    --

1993-94    Paul Robson

1992-93    Mark Sharp

1991-92    Adam Donoghue

1990-91    Paul Robson

1989-90    Dave Compton

1988-89    Garry Harris

1987-88    Johnathan Fall

1986-87    Dave Moore

1985-86    Richard Pratt

1984-85    Johnathan Fall

1983-84    David Moore

1982-83    Malcolm Shaw

1981-82    Terry Veal

1980-81    Malcolm Shaw

1979-80    Roger Hall

1978-79    Stuart Rigden

1977-78    Mike Rees

1976-77    Keith Cholerton

1975-76    John Grainger

1974-75    John Grainger

1973-74    Keith Cholerton

1972-73    John Woodman
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