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Aercon 2014-15

Main Draw:


Friday 20th February 2015

The evening started with the plate semi-finals; Bob Broadbridge (-1) was up against Ian Pierce (+1), and Chris Williams (-2) played Tim Hayes (+1). Bob made a cracking start, taking some early points and overturning the deficit. But Ian weathered the storm and forged a 4 point lead which he more or less held to the end, ultimately winning 25-21. On the other court Tim continued to embarrass the handicapper, closing out a confident 25-13 winner over Chris.

Next up were the main draw semi-finalists; George Stanford (-14) played Stuart Delmege (+13) in a classic Aercon Cup match that eventually went George’s way 25-17, a score-line that didn’t reflect the energy and effort from Stuart in every rally. Since Aiden Botting had a walkover, Chris Hobley kindly stepped in to ensure Aiden had a proper warm-up game ahead of his final later that night.

The plate final saw Ian Pierce (-11) go head-to-head with Tim Hayes (+11). Despite Ian winning points from the off the maths was against him with Tim earning points too fast for the gap to narrow enough. Tim proved simply too hot to handle and with an interesting final shot took the match and the title 25-15.

In the final, a junior champion (and pantomime villain for the evening) George Stanford (-27) went toe-to-toe with another junior champion, Aiden Botting (+20). George played beautifully, making zero errors (he couldn’t afford to!) and finally catching up with both players in the 20s. Whilst the crowd booed at how “mean” George was, it is credit to Aiden at how hard he pushed the premier player in every single rally. George was awesome, but in the end Aiden showed a touch of magic to forge a 24-20 lead. George saved one championship point, but Aiden his a front-court nick that was just too much for George and the game was over. Aiden won 25-21.

Many thanks to all the markers, and for all the players who gave it their all over the last 3 weeks. Same again next year?

Thursday 19th February 2015

This year’s Aercon Cup has lived up to the hype! A record number of competitors, and representation from the breadth of the club. With 40 cracking matches played, the line-up for finals night has been determined. Will youth triumph over experience, pro over thrasher, man over woman? I’ll quit while I’m behind, but encourage you to come along and support the players as they battle it out for the coveted trophy! 

The order of play for tomorrow is:

Plate Semi-Final:

7:00pm, Crt 2: Chris Williams (-2) vs. Tim Hayes (+1)
7:00pm, Crt 3: Bob Broadbridge (-1) vs. Ian Pierce (+1) 

Main Semi-Final:

7:20pm, Crt 2: George Stanford (-14) vs. Stuart Delmege (+13)
7:20pm, Crt 3: Aiden Botting (+15) vs. Chris Hobley (-15) (exhibition)

Plate Final:

7:40pm, Crt 3: Bob or Ian vs. Chris or Tim

Main Final:

8:00pm, Crt 3: George or Stuart vs. Aiden Botting 

Presentations will be at 8:30pm. Come along and support.

Wednesday 18th February 2015

They are falling like flies! Natalie Morant has had to withdraw through injury, handing Ian Pierce a semi-final walkover. And John Cole’s holiday plans means he is unable to make finals night, giving Aiden Botting a walkover.

Tuesday 3rd February 2015

8 fantastic matches have been played thus far…

Kian Whelan (0) bt. James Dickins (0) 25-19
Aaron Morant (0) bt. Soren Chakrabarti (0) 25-22
Tim Luetchford (-2) bt. Nigel Lush (+2) 25-19
Danny Quigley (+1) bt. Natalie Morant (-1) 25-18
Graham King (-1) bt. Tim Dickins (0) 25-14
Stuart Delmege (0) bt. Mike Willis (-1) 25-23
Ady James (+1) bt. Bob Broadbridge (-1) 25-23 
Dilip Chakrabarti (+1) bt. Ian Pierce (-1) 25-16
Matt Merriman (-2) vs. George Stanford (+1) is to be rearranged.
…and we have 9 scheduled for this evening…
6:40pm, Crt 3 Ian Pierce (-2) vs. Mike Willis (+1)
7:00pm, Crt 2 John Cole (-1) vs. Gordon Scott (0)
7:00pm, Crt 3 Simon Purr (+11) vs. Andrew Codrai (-11)
7:30pm, Crt 2 Paul Lancaster (-1) vs. Jon Carkeet (0)
7:30pm, Crt 3 Robbie Randles (-1) vs. Aiden Botting (0)
8:00pm, Crt 2 Tim Hayes (-1) vs. Richard Warne (0)
8:00pm, Crt 3 Matt Maskell (-2) vs. Chris Wright (+1)
8:30pm, Crt 2 Graham Moore (-1) vs. Chris Williams (+1)
8:30pm, Crt 3 Dilip Chakrabarti (-1) vs. Stuart Delmege (+1)

Please check your time as a couple have been adjusted. Please also come earlier as we have found we were running ahead of schedule last night.

Saturday 31st January 2015

Sad news, Peter Hesslewood has had to withdraw due to injury. Andrew Codrai has stepped in as 1st reserve.

Thursday 22nd January 2015

Dear Athletes,

Thank you all for entering this year’s Aercon Cup. 

As last year, you have each been assigned a handicap. Each match I will “zero them out” (which is why everyone appears to have strange handicaps in the summary below…the numbers in brackets are your start scores for each match…and will change depending on your opponent).

The lights will be on for your matches so just turn up ready. In fact, the lights will come on at 6L40pm each evening so turn up earlier if suits/need an extra warm-up. 

As a reminder, each match is point-a-rally scoring, and is the first to 25 points (even if the score reaches 24-24).

If you can’t make your allotted match time please sort out an alternative direct with your opponent. Note, you will need to book the courts and pay for the lights yourself if outside of one of the scheduled evenings.

Most important of all…this is fun! Points will be deducted for any scowling or shouting (yes, that includes you Natalie!).  

Monday 2nd February:

7:00pm, Crt 2 Matt Merriman (-2) vs. George Stanford (+1)
7:00pm, Crt 3 Aaron Morant (0) vs. Soren Chakrabarti (0)
7:30pm, Crt 2 Tim Luetchford (-2) vs. Nigel Lush (+2)
7:30pm, Crt 3 Natalie Morant (-1) vs. Danny Quigley (+1)
8:00pm, Crt 2 Graham King (-1) vs. Tim Dickins (0)
8:00pm, Crt 3 Mike Willis (-1) vs. Stuart Delmege (0)
8:30pm, Crt 2 Bob Broadbridge (-1) vs. Ady James (+1)
8:30pm, Crt 3 Ian Pierce (-1) vs. Dilip Chakrabarti (+1)

Tuesday 3rd February:

7:00pm, Crt 2 John Cole (-1) vs. Gordon Scott (0)
7:00pm, Crt 3 James Dickins (0) vs. Kian Whelan (0)
7:30pm, Crt 2 Paul Lancaster (-1) vs. Jon Carkeet (0)
7:30pm, Crt 3 Robbie Randles (-1) vs. Aiden Botting (0)
8:00pm, Crt 2 Simon Purr (-2) vs. Pete Hesslewood (+1)
8:00pm, Crt 3 Tim Hayes (-1) vs. Richard Warne (0)
8:30pm, Crt 2 Graham Moore (-1) vs. Chris Williams (+1)
8:30pm, Crt 3 Matt Maskell (-2) vs. Chris Wright (+1)