Over 45s 2012-13


Friday 14th June (Final)


The Vet’s Final was played between Neil Piper and Russell Baker, and marked by Danny Quigley.



Neither player grabbed the match by the scruff of the neck at the start, each cautious and electing to extend the rally rather than play winners. This was a sign of the respect both players had for each other and it was clear this was going to be a close and competitive match. Russell clocked up 4 points first, but then Neil strung a run of points together himself to bring the game back. Russell went 6-5 up, but Neil won the next few rallies to serve at 8-6 and win the game at the first attempt. In the 2nd, Neil was tracking back well, hitting some great lobs, and throwing in measured drops when the timing was right. Russell made some unforced errors and these factors combined to give Neil a 2-0 lead, winning the 2nd 9-4. Russell does not like to lose, and came out much more focussed in the 3rd. Neil stuck to his game plan, but Russell’s interceptions were more effective, and some great driving game him the 3rd, 9-5. The fourth couldn’t have been closer; Rus got to 8 first and served for the game (and to extend the match to a 5th)…but served out! Then Neil brought it back to 8-8 and Rus called 2. But then Neil made some unforced errors to hand Russell a 2nd shot at the game. But again unforced errors conspired and Neil capitalised to win the game (10-9) and his first Club Championship title.  





Wednesday 12th June (Semi Finals)


The first Vets semi-final was played on the previous night between Russell Baker and James Wadley. James won the 1st, but Russell’s lob serves and volley drops were too effective and he surged through to a 3-1 win.


The 2nd semi-final pitted Neil Piper against the 2010/11 Vets Champion Nigel Lush and was marked by Kyle. Nigel looked every bit the champion, starting the game in style with a swift 5-1 lead. But Neil has a way of sneaking back into games, and tracked back to 7-7. This seamed the kick Nigel needed and 2 strong rallies saw him 8-7 up and serving for the game. But once more steady Neil did what he had to and reversed fortunes to have game point himself at 9-8. He put it away to win the first game. Spinning the match on its head once more, in the 2nd it was Neil who stole a 5-0 lead, only to be caught and overtaken by Nigel for a 9-7 win. Then back to Neil in the ascendancy, working hard for an 8-2 lead and then to win on his first game point in the 3rd, and a 2-1 lead. Nigel fought back once more but Neil was in the lead when it counted, getting to 8-7 (though it took 3 times to close out the match). Somehow Neil has never ended up with his name on a Club Championship Cup…could this be his year?


Neil Piper will play Russell Baker in the final on Friday at 8:00pm.




Tuesday 7th May


Just one, rescheduled, Veteran’s match played this evening; Nigel Lush vs. Danny Quigley. With a match under his belt since the cruise, Nigel looked back on track, and made Danny work hard from the off. Nigel took the 1st, but Danny took an early lead in the 2nd (winning the first point). Thereafter fatigue set in (Danny’s words not mine) and Nigel took control. But he did not have it all his own way! Nigel was 7-3 up in the 3rd – 2 points from a place in the semi-finals – but Danny would not step aside. He came back to win that game 9-7! But alas it was not enough and Nigel went on to win the 4th. Great game.



Thursday 2nd May


With one postponement and a game already played, there were just 2 veteran games played tonight. The evening started with Adrian James playing #2 seed Russell Baker. It looked like Ady hadn’t seen the seeding as he dominated the early part of the match, swiftly taking a 7-2 lead in the first game. But Rus hung in to claw back a 9-7 win. Rus looked more comfortable in the 2nd game which he also won, but Ady got a second wind in the 3rd and took a commanding 8-1 lead before going on to win. This is the second time this tournament I find myself nearly writing that Ady’s real strength seems to be his fitness…but I can’t quite bring myself to do so! Ady went on to another storming 7-3 lead in the 4th before Russell came back to win 10-8 in the 4th. Great match!


Next on were Dilip Chakrabarti and James Wadley. This match was a contrast in styles, with Dilip gliding-ish round the court, sweeping the ball to the corners, and James achieving the same precision – but at 352mph! Dilip won the first 9-6 after a mammoth final rally. Thereafter James had the upper-hand, going on to win 3-1 and book his place in the next round against Russell.



Monday 29th April


The club’s veteran’s squash cup has nearly as much history as the main championship – this being its 37th consecutive year of competition. Paul Finch and Neil Piper played a rearranged first round game tonight to start things off. Number 1 seed Neil started as the favourite and did go on to win. But not before Paul delivered a master class of backhand drop shots. Following some post-match misinformation it is difficult to know if the match score was 3-0 or 10-9 in the 5th. You decide (but Paul is now in the plate)!