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Doubles 2014-15

This year's tournament was held on Friday 12th December 2014.

Once a decade, the South American cicada emerges from the ground with the sole purpose of breeding. Just like that most intriguing of insects, it has been 10 years since the Merry Men (John Merriman and his 2nd favorite son, Matt) emerged from hiding – though for a different purpose! Last Friday was the annual Squash Doubles competition and the 2004/05 champions were back to reclaim their crown. But the world has done of lot of spinning since they last played together, and the new boys in town, the Returning Chimps (George Stanford and Kyle Finch), had no plans to roll over like obedient dogs and let the Merry Men rub their tummies. Also contesting the title were Crash, Bang, Wallop! (the last minute pairing of Dave Moore and Mark Bangs), Red and White Stripes (new to doubles but not elite level sport, Chris Wright and Tim Hayes), Chak-Attack (an ultra-focused Dilip Chakrabarti and son Soren), and the Pot Bellied Twigs (former athletes Tim Dickins and Andrew Codrai).  

First to land a knock-out punch were Chak-Attack who came from behind to send the Pot Bellied Twigs crashing into the plate. Hot on their heels were Crash, Bang, Wallop! who overcame Dave’s protracted transition from racketball doubles to squash to sneak past the Red and White Stripes. Enter the big guns; The Returning Chimps entertained the crowds with mid-rally racquet switches and great team work to better Chak-Attack and earn their place in the final. And the Merry Men had a business-like ruthlessness as they sent Crash, Bang, Wallop! crashing to the bar.

In the plate final, the Pot Bellied Twigs switched to their A-formation for their head-to-head with the Red and White Stripes. A combination of very stylish backhands from Andrew and outrageous let calls from Tim were enough to unseat the Stripes and earn the Pot Bellies the title.

In the final, it was noticeable the Returning Chimps did less monkeying around as they and the disciplined Merry Men squared up toe-to-toe. The Chimps flair from the earlier rounds was replaced by mild panic as the Men took an early lead and held on throughout the match. The title went to the Merry Men after a hard-fought 2-1 win!

Afterwards the Chimps were hear to say “whatever” when asked if it smarted to have their cup wrestled from them. The Merry Men were gracious in victory and kept the whooping and fist pumps to a minimum. Well done all, and see you next year?